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  • Asthma - Is Your Child's Playground Making Them Sick? By:-Mr Artemiss
    It is a sunny day and you decide to take your child to the playground. The kids are having fun on the swings or just running around the park. Some of the kids are playing with the birds that are flocking around the bread that they are feeding the birds.
  • Asthma - How to Control Your Indoor Air Quality For Asthma and Allergies By:-Mr Artemiss
    One of the most important lessons about Asthma and Allergy control begins in your own home. During an Environmental Inspection of your home, it is important to look for all allergens. The majority of people with Allergies and Asthma stay indoors when there are high counts of pollen and spores. Then on the other hand, you can have dust mites, human and animal dander or cockroaches that can cause problems for you indoors.
  • Asthma & Allergies - Allergies - Are You Hurting Your Baby Using Cosmetics During Pregnancy By:-Mr Artemiss
    People with Allergies need to remember that when you are pregnant that anything you put on your skin during pregnancy can potentially reach your unborn baby. The thing to remember is that the delicate skin of your baby can absorb any chemical that you as a mother are allergic to, eat or are exposed to in the air. It is even more important to use only those products that are gentle and non-allergenic. Reading labels is very important at this time of your life. If you do not understand what a product or ingredient is, do an Internet Search on Google to find out.
  • Asthma Questions: Can A Child By:-Tim Cahill
    Question: My daughter is six years old, and I recently took her to the doctor as I had noticed she was occasionally struggling to breathe and was coughing a lot. She was diagnosed with mild asthma and given two inhalers to use, which seem to be doing the job. I have, however, heard that sometimes children of my daughter's age "grow out" of asthma and it does not effect them as a child. Is there any truth in this?
  • Asthma and Allergies - Chinese Drywall's Contaminants Can Affect Your Health By:-Mr Artemiss
    The story goes on and on about Chinese Drywall with no end in sight. It seems that no one can make up their mind about what is causing the noxious odors in the homes with Chinese Drywall installed in them. Several Florida Builder's are being proactive by removing the drywall and replacing it after multiple complaints came from the homeowners. There are a lot of homeowners who are being forced to abandon their homes because they are getting sick in their homes.
  • The Symptoms of Asthma By:-Tim Cahill
    Asthma is one of the most known illnesses that are seen as chronic (meaning ongoing and usually livelong) without posing severe threat to life. Asthma is a respiratory - lung - based illness, effectively caused by inflammation of the linings of the tubes in the lungs. This, in turn, means the tubes (the medical term is the "bronchi" are narrowed, making it harder for sufferers to breathe comfortably.
  • Allergies & Asthma - How To Benefit From Natural Insecticides By:-Mr Artemiss
    There a lot of insect fighting chemicals on the market with the same basic ingredients. All they do is change the variation a little to allow a different brand name. Let's look at it from a different perspective, an example would be Ibuprofen. There are many different versions and strengths of Ibuprofen, but it all boils down to the same basic ingredient. There are watered down versions of Ibuprofen which are a waste of money for the consumer also.
  • Asthma Help: Coughing So Hard, Can't Take Inhalers By:-Tim Cahill
    Question: I have asthma, and find it particularly difficult first thing in the morning when it's winter. I tend to cough a lot and it's quite uncontrollable - to the extent where I cannot take my reliever inhaler to correct the problem. I get in to a disturbing cycle of coughing / not being able to inhale the medication, and it really upsets me. How do I combat this?
  • Asthma and Allergies - Who Is Most Vulnerable To Toxic Mold By:-Mr Artemiss
    Just recently while I was doing an Environmental Inspection, the client asked me "How much Stachybotrys Mold will make you sick?" I thought it was a good question, so I will pass this information on to you. The answer is that no one really knows the ramifications of dealing with Stachybotrys Mold because each of us is different. We all will react in different ways to exposure to Microbial Growth such as Stachybotrys.
  • Asthma and Mold - Mold Inspection Tips For Mold Concerned Homeowners By:-Mr Artemiss
    On an average of twice a week, we get a phone from a concerned homeowner who thinks they might have mold. They usually have a fear that mold is growing inside of their walls. The first question I ask is "Have you had a flood lately?" Generally the answer is no. The next question is "Why do you think you have mold?" Some will say that a friend told them that if you have ants in your home, you have mold. Let's clear this up now.
  • Chlorine Pool Allergy - How To Deal With It By:-Mr Artemiss
    Its summertime and the kids are looking forward to going to the Summer School Programs or the local YMCA and YWCA. The one thing they want to do is go swimming. I remember as a kid going to Venetian Pool in Coral Gables, Fl. It was great, we would spend the entire day there. My brother and I did this all summer long. The kids now go to the local community pools and have a good time also. It is important that all children learn how to swim. You never know when it will come in handy later on.
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