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  • Recycling - Why Recycling Is Important About Your Old Cell Phone, New Cell Phone? By:-Ron Lovell
    When the first cell phones came into existence, they were few in number and it would have been difficult to imagine just how commonplace they would become. These days, even people who had sworn never to buy a cell phone will have one – for sending text messages or even just for emergencies. What no-one foresaw was that most people would buy a new cell phone on average once a year – and in some cases, more frequently.
  • Recycling - Understanding Grey Water Recycling By:-Ron Lovell
    Grey water recycling is a growing trend that has caught on in the wake of the current surge in environmental awareness. Grey water is simply the waste water leftover after performing daily household activities. The water that is drained from the sink, shower and washing machine are all considered to be grey water. The only household waste water that is not included in this classification is that which comes from the toilet. Grey water recycling is simply finding uses for this water, rather than letting it enter the sewage or septic system.
  • Recycling - Recycling Plastic Bags – The Silent Killers By:-Ron Lovell
    If you had said half a century ago that one of the greatest threats to our environment over the next century would come from plastic bags, you would have been laughed at and told to stop smoking whatever it was you were smoking. Yet these days, people are coming to that conclusion.
  • Recycling - Why Recycling Is Important To Us? By:-Ron Lovell
    Although there is a lot of cynicism directed against the environmentalist movement, this does not stop an awful lot of people from recycling. You don’t need to be an environmentalist to care about recycling, after all. Although it is one of the major green issues, recycling is about a lot more than just keeping the world clean and thriving. Considering how much garbage we create and throw out in this day and age, recycling is simply a sane response to a problem that is at risk of going insane.
  • Recycling - Are We Too Lazy To Recycle? By:-Ron Lovell
    There is a lot of very emotive language used in the debate over recycling – as indeed there is over any environmental issue. One side will accuse the other of being too lazy and selfish to recycle, and the other will accuse the first of being guilt-tripped and gullible for falling for something that basically gives them a clear conscience for a short spell of time. The question does need to be asked; are we lazy and selfish? Are we easily guilt-tripped? Or should both sides calm down and get on with our lives?
  • Recycling - Great Ideas To Help Recycle Water Bottles By:-Dawn Alfonso
    Water bottle recycling at a recycling center or curbside pickup is the ideal solution for disposing of plastic water bottles. However, in some areas there are no facilities available for water bottles that are made from certain types of plastics. In this case, people can either throw their bottles into the garbage and risk cluttering up already overflowing landfills or they can find creative uses for the water bottle, recycling them into a useful item.
  • Recycling - Talking Around A Recycling Skeptic By:-Ron Lovell
    Although there is a compelling amount of evidence that most of what the environmental scientists have been telling us for years is true, there is no shortage of skepticism around the major environmental issues facing us. There are plenty of people who have made their refusal to recycle into a political stance. Not only do they not wish to recycle, they wish to pull the rug from under anyone who does. They argue that it actually takes more energy to recycle than it does to dispose of recyclable garbage in a landfill. Do they have a point?
  • Recycling - Recycling 101: Why It Is An Issue By:-Ron Lovell
    The importance of recycling materials when we are finished with them has for some time now been a message that people are keen to get out there. But for those of us who have come to the debate at this late stage, one could be forgiven for thinking it was a purely political argument. Why are we talking about recycling at all?
  • Recycling - You’re Never Too Young Or Too Old To Learn About Recycling By:-Ron Lovell
    One of the most successful schemes of anti-environmentalists is to portray the people who have concerns for the environment as being part of some kind of cult. The idea is that by doing this, it is possible to make everything an environmentalist says seem like some kind of apocalyptic vision. It is even more sophisticated than that, though, because we will often hear of the green movement pouring “propaganda” into the ears of unwitting children. When those kind of charges are flying around you can rest assured that mud will stick.
  • Recycling - Our Addiction To Disposable Products By:-Ron Lovell
    We as human beings have an alarming tendency to just throw things away when we’re finished with them. When you think about it, this tendency is a little big pig-headed. We can easily afford to keep disposing of things, can’t we? So what is the problem? Well, when you think about it, the problem is that things don’t just magically disappear when they aren’t being used. When we throw things in the trash, they end up in a landfill decomposing, usually quite slowly.
  • Recycling - Recycling That You Can Do Yourself By:-Ron Lovell
    Recycling is encompassed in most people’s minds as the trip to the recycling bins at the end of their garden, at a municipal tip or in another public place. One way or another, the process of recycling is considered to take time and effort, and this is many people’s reason for not doing it. However, there is plenty you can do to recycle that does not take any more effort than just continuing to do what you are doing anyway.
  • Recycling - Why Should I Recycle Plastics? By:-Ron Lovell
    Imagine your weekly grocery shop. Put yourself in the place where you do that shop and mentally walk around the store. Now, as you are doing this, think of all of the items you pick up that are either made from or stored in plastic. When you consider the amount of plastic that is used by domestic and industrial customers in the course of a year, it adds up to a lot. Soda bottles and yogurt pots. Trash bags and detergent bottles. Just about anything you might ever buy for a baby – all of it is either made from or packaged in plastic.
  • Recycling - Getting The Recycling Message Out There By:-Ron Lovell
    The environmental issues which take up a lot of media space in this day and age have become surprisingly controversial in a short space of time. Barely a day goes by without someone claiming that the entire concept of environmental friendliness and green living is simply an excuse to tax us more, make us feel guilty and keep us from enjoying ourselves.
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